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Bob Marley

    Got it on the porch! 😀 I do need to clean it up a bit. It got a bit muddy while being moved on account of the weather 😛

    It only shot them about a foot but we did have fun chasing them down the hill. Blowing bubbles is an idea! One thought I was playing with was a small audio recording and having it go bang periodically but that may not go over all that well 😛

    Vintage ads can be fun! My dad used to record a lot of stuff in the 80s and it was quite fun to see what they were advertising decades later. Lots of M&M ads around the holidays! 😛

    Have you thought about a print subscription? They are able to fulfill international subscriptions but do charge a slight premium. It worked pretty well for me with Batman even though the issues got a bit banged up at times during shipping. Only reason I cancelled the subscription and went local was due to them having trouble filling the subscriptions during the pandemic but I was still able to get them at the local shop without issue.

    I may drop Action for Power Girl but we shall see!