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    Something about the Dirk Gently series that came off a little flat on first spec, perhaps a liberal dose of Red Dwarf corn for a lift. The book is certainly on the list, in fact someone from Goodreads said:

    And a good knowledge of the content and historical context of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Kubla Khan and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is essentially required to understand many of the jokes and much of the plot.
    Because, as it turns out, the linchpin upon which history turns, upon which depends the whole of human history before and to come, is the fact that Coleridge never wrote the second “altogether stranger” part of Kubla Khan.


    The book started life as a Doctor Who script.

    Dr. Who’s Tardy Detective Agency anyone? 😛
    Yes! Did the comic ever make it to Wayback? Anything that riffs well on the Invasion of the Body Snatchers is definitely on the list again. 🙂
    Despite superficial inconsistencies in plot, Light Sleeper is engrossing, enveloped in an aura of seamy, smoky, and semi-sickly NYC corruption, with the beguiled viewer asking the question at the end of every scene where the hell (Spoiler Alert) it is going! Recommended.
    Still in recovery from the kicking and screaming all the way from the front seat for not ever having seen The Wicker Man previously. Stunning cast, cinematography, backdrops and music, and without a doubt the best opening scene for Christopher Lee in any set he has graced. Strongly recommended.