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Bob Marley

    I generally have a policy of sitting through a film, no matter how bad. I’ve survived many a B-movie and have lived to tell the tale! 😛

    Probably should be mentioned there!

    Loved Hitchhiker’s Guide! Also enjoyed Dirk Gently but, sadly, it was cancelled before they actually wrapped up the story. They were just about to start exploring Blackwing in more detail when the plug was pulled. 🙁

    Done that before! Recently, I had thought I had seen Maniac Cop 2 so I watched the third one only to be mistaken so the events in 2 were spoiled for me by already having been revealed in 3. Usually, in slashers, the order doesn’t matter but it did in that case 😛

    Finished Dragon Ball yesterday and that was fun. May rewatch Kill La Kill soon but I’m kind of in the mood for some good science fiction. Not really sure what’s available. Will need to look but good science fiction is often hard to find! Especially spacey stuff. Most of it is low budget Alien knockoffs or Star Wars/Trek knockoffs. Not much to go by 😛