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    Well, for sci-fi reality, we want REAL flying saucers please! 🙂 The Syfy Wire site is updated frequently with what you might say middle of the road content spiced up a little for a target audience of upper middle nerds. 😛

    Yep, for some movies and remakes like that Halloween where you know exactly where things are going to be in 30 minutes, including the effects of the extra exertion on your part, if a quick snooze doesn’t appeal, time to switch channels!

    Hmmm (bloopers notwithstanding), Demon of Paradise is not listed in the Cultural Impacts …, should a reference be inserted in there?

    Oh yes, along with Hitchhikers Guide, Red Dwarf is the the best sci-fi laugh-in out there, definitely go to see the repeats. Canned laughter provides extra vibrancy in outer space, too. 🙂

    Much of the mystery of Red Riding Hood Trilogy was lost after viewing Part Three first, being under the mistaken allusion the stories in the trilogy could be seen in any order. The obvious analogy is reading a book backwards chapter by chapter, the extra cognitive power required to sort out events from the beginning have the effect of cementing the plot into memory rather well. 🙂

    Blue Lights is a procedural modelled to a large degree on The Bill, with a greater focus on crime gangs. Sharp and perky interchanges keep you glued on what’s coming around the corner for these young, brave heroes.

    Enjoyed Drive, consisting of a very earthly palette of themes underpinning a space electro pop driven score, the cinematography imbued with a style reminiscent of period and rather stylish sci-fi shoots.

    If you like Jennifer Lawrence, you’ll like Red Sparrow, amazingly the full movie is free at Daily Motion: – fun fact, when embedding it here, it starts playing!

    The TSA red carpet scene is on TikTok only it seems, and the full screen function opens a new tab to the source video, detracting a little from the full red carpet experience of viewing the vid!


    Off Ya Go! #portlandia #fyp #fu #portland #portlandoregon #airport #portlandairport #air #fly #tsa #tsacheck #offyago #airline #flight

    ♬ original sound – PortLandia

    Alternately, to view it here, turn up the resolution (ctrl mousewheelup) to suit, here it is around 200% in maximised window. Good luck in removing the pesky icons/symbols in front of the video, no hotkeys available for the job, might be something on the phone though.