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    Yes, the mysterious dostips never had a feedback or announcement mechanism for status, so we’ll never know what happened on the day. 😛
    Have you ever experienced browser burko with Happened on w11 Chrome with new browser tabs opening in succession to that address. If it was NCSI, how do the browser pages help I wonder?
    Ahk’s cert has expired, it might now be in the repair workshop as the site now returns a SQL ERROR, so the link to this interesting class for unit testing may fail. “Harness” is also included in testing jargon these days.
    Edit: AHK back!
    What with the release of the Fallout TV series and updates to the FO4, things have go a little wonky at Nexus, undergoing a substantial demand on their servers. Understandable, as some of those mods are gigabyte sized.