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Bob Marley


    Saw the Halloween remake yesterday. Haven’t seen the first one so I don’t have much to compare it to but it came off as a rather run of the mill slasher. We had to sit through a good half hour or so of build-up before the story actually started, showing Michael in the asylum. While it was good to give them a backstory, I felt they overdid it by making it the primary focus of the film. While the franchise is supposed to be a slasher, they turned the first bit into a drama with that bit. It didn’t exactly move things along by showing endless counseling sessions. It could have worked better if they had shown some development in Michael’s personality but they only focused on the therapy sessions and his mother’s responses before killing her off at the end of the sessions. A redeeming feature of the film was that they did try to make it feel more timeless than most horror remakes by limiting the inclusion of modern technology. I don’t recall seeing a single computer and a cell phone only showed up once, for example.

    Huh? SyFy is broadcasting a reality show that has nothing to do with science fiction…? They’ve really fallen! I remember back when they used to show reruns of nothing but science fiction! They would also produce in-house films that were often terrible and some were just cheap knockoffs. They’re the source of the Sharknado franchise, for instance 😛 Roger Corman was one of their main producers!