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    Oh, we get Tubi here too, never knew they had all those slashers, though the question remains as to whether my personality and charisma receives a 100% boost after watching them all. 😛
    The second series of Dark Winds was, at least as far as geography and plot went, more expansive than the first. The spooky swirling clouds were replaced in the intro with a more fiery graphic, hopefully the murky umbrae will be re-installed.
    Surprised not to have seen In the Heat of the Night before, heady atmospheric feel to it, good mix in cast headed by Poitier and Steiger. Super soundtrack including rhyming Wellerisms in Glen Campbell’s “Bowlegged Polly and Knock Kneed Paul” and Fowl Owl on the Prowl sung by Boomer and Travis.

    Rod Steiger was also terrific in The Illustrated Man, a movie wherein the stories of Bradbury succeeded, the screenplay bombed badly. Do recall the opening sequence of “The Last Night of the World” as quite captivating, and memorable, shame it is not currently available, good news it’s due out in the public domain in 2064. 😛

    And how can we not forget The Ray Bradbury Theatre, carrying on the great traditions of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Tales of the Unexpected, and Night Gallery.

    There is a lot of switching to parallel storylines in the 2000 movie Traffic, which requires the viewer glued to the seat for the 147 minute duration. The mini-series are bound to take it at a slower pace.

    There were a lot of things to like about Jackie Brown, colour, suspense, and soundtrack. The plot, like an overlay against the raw brutality of the characters, came off as somewhat artificial, a typical Tarantino hallmark.