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    When the grid goes, it’s on battery alone, thus powered outlets are limited, when it occurs on cloudy days, apply extra frugality of the sake of the battery!
    Yep, haven’t attempted it yet, and from community feedback to current conversion tools, considerable intervention is still required.
    Copilot popped up on the Android, funny that, as the device was only supposed to have OneDrive installed on it. Mind you, once these fabulous AI numbots are able to successfully convert PrgLnch into V2, no complaints from this nobbly numbat. 😛
    AliExpress comes on a bit strong after you sign up, as many of the settings are unavailable from the login or account section, and the sitemap being only for warez. It works pretty well, considering the load of millions – perhaps billions of transactions each day. Logged in again a couple of days later, this time it insisted on 2FA, so now they have my mobile number, and then, surprise surprise, they miraculously dug up an old Google account from the Ali Baba days and insisted on merging that as well. Oh Bartleby, oh Technology. 😛
    And, (edit:) somehow ended up accidentally using two accounts on Tech Commnunity, the proposed solution involves more collation of personal data, unfortunately. 😛