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    The categorization of comedy is funny in many of these type of movies, funny in that

    • It was either too tragic or not tragic enough not to be tragic, so it had to be comedy.
    • As attempts by the movie-makers of light heartedness or jollity in each dramatic event of the movie failed to fire, a critique of the resulting concatenation of the misfired events had to be made in a comical context, in light of the argument that comedy is defined as the whole not being the sum of the parts.
    • It was comedy enough for the creators of the movie to even conceive of the notion others would even be discussing this dilemma.

    Barbershop: The Next Cut is a no-nonsense movie with a no-nonsense and fast paced dialogue, so very much a comedy. Lots of fun, not all quite to the sweet spot this way. 🙂
    Almost to the end of Dark Winds (series 1), disappointed with the scripted decision making of some of the characters, particularly the FBI agent, so the whole thing comes off as a bit hokey. Plenty of Navajo lore in there, and the ominous cloud sequence is a plus.