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    Not planning to play anything like Bug Fables either. 😛 Another one to watch out for is Dragon’s Dogma, with the sequel just round the corner.
    For all the fanfare of La-La Land, the character selection was a bit ordinary, methinks something like a Lizzo interlude could have mixed it up a bit. The tracks were cool, a little bit of the 95 piece studio orchestra vibe got lost in the Protools dubbing/synthing somehow (setup explained in Sound on Sound), otherwise very enjoyable, and worth a second look.
    Sex, Lies, and Videotape is a remarkably beautiful film, at the closing credits, a poem detailing the unfolding of the layers on a rare fruit revealing a neatly set, but imperfect kernel. Recommended,- not for a second viewing here though, in case it ruins the experience from the first. 🙂
    As for Making Fun, this “grumpy” dude shows us what it is all about: