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    Thanks for the link, they are right in that AI really has clobbered Bing, not off completely here, will keep it in mind if the AI intrudes. 🙂
    Yeah the Tom’s Hardware forums are mighty popular as well, the locked stickies in Graphics Cards are showing some age, go fig.
    Browsed through this article and comments, Do players cheat with Microsoft Solitaire events, he explains things rather well, unfortunately the webpage is closed for comments, and the blog software has placed the responder posts above the poster’s. His facebook posts had no link for it, so I doomscrolled to his first post and commented there, may not have been the best way of reaching out. 😛
    The Wikipedia page for HubPages says:

    In 2018, it was acquired by Maven which gave investors a mild payout.

    Is it not reasonable to contend that payouts should actually be a combination of all things mild, styled, wild, and piled?