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    Yep, such actors get a rep as leading lights in their own unique way – typically when they score much coveted roles on offer like Lamp Post #1. 😛
    Yet, Shallow Grave gets a fairly positive rap from the viewers, so on the list – as does the (unrelated) 1994 movie. 🙂
    Have you seen A.I. Artificial_Intelligence? Much investment in time and resources for this classic idea from Kubrick to happen in a movie, Spielberg waves his directorial magic wand in smoothing out the major bumps and jumps, so very watchable. For me, something tries to spoil it – perhaps the beginning is slow and muted, some scenes a little too maudlin, the end dragging on a tad too long. Certain scenes are glue to the memory – such as Rouge City:

    Edit: Oh, The Walk-In being a 5 part series never reached the magic six (based on fact, so relevant with info on proscribed Far Right movements) – hence now streaming crime drama Cardinal, four seasons, each of six parts, guaranteeing this one “busy” for the while. 🙂