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Bob Marley

    Not in the games but in the other media it has. Originally, Mewtwo was a clone of Mew by Giovani’s scientists, aiming to create the ultimate Pokemon. Mewtwo got pissed at the experiments it was subjected to so it broke out, and destroyed, the lab. In Red, Blue, and Yellow you can actually explore what’s left of the lab (not much). As a result, Mewtwo lost faith in humans, which led up to the events of Pokemon: The Movie where it forced humans and their Pokemon to fight clones. Ever since then, Mewtwo has been traveling across the Poke-Earth looking for a purpose. It doesn’t look for trouble anymore but will still fight humans if they don’t leave it alone. I know a lot of Pokemon lore 😛

    Looks like they’re saying they specifically won’t host mods that add Pokemon to the game but are okay with mods for Palworld otherwise. I agree with that decision as it’s a tricky legal area and Nintendo aggressively protects their copyrights and trademarks. 🙂

    As for it being a ripoff, I couldn’t say yet. I’ll need to play it before I can draft an opinion (it’s on the wish list!). I would say that it’s inspired by Pokemon, though, and a lot of other games are.