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Bob Marley

    You’re not missing much! One feature of CEC is that it’s supposed to sync up the video modes to help them play nice. I have my TV set to a specific mode for eye comfort and at 4k but the Roku, which I had manually set to 4k as I didn’t like the look of how my TV presents 4k HDR, keeps wanting to flip back to Automatic which sets it to 1080p Dolby Vision when CEC is on. Definitely a Roku software bug but CEC doesn’t work all that well. And you still need all of the remotes since they still don’t come up with the ability to control the other devices in full even though they include the buttons. 😛

    Rewatched Star Wars: A New Hope to test out the speakers and the more I watch it, the more the nonsensical things in it bother me. All of the plot holes, the British accents nowhere near Earth, the use of distance for time….The list goes on! 😛