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    Little experience of HDMI-CEC over here, did it inherit some of the slightly ding dong behaviours of the universal remotes? Like the Prestigo purchased from the now defunct local electronics shop back in 2013 or thereabouts, which turned out to be something of a battery hog. Seemed to wear more when not in use, so the only option was to remove the batteries after each operation.
    It was subsequently returned to the vendor. 😛
    The Craft was on last night, the fantastical sequences were entertaining enough, the girls were fine, the storyline being of dubious quality made it best for a one-time viewing only.
    Finished up with Something Undone which started out a bit flat and developed into rather interesting, yet unsatisfying conclusion. The rattles and bumps in the night were never explained.
    Started with Suspect starring James Nesbitt, 100% B-grade according to most, so it’s my cup of tea, and, as with Something Undone, the episodes go only for 28 minutes.