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    The Mythbusters are fantastic in everything they say and do, which of course becomes tedious if one hearkens to content which isn’t so fantastic. Like me, and maybe others, she is not a fan of tastic in excess. 😛
    “They Saved Hitler’s Brain.” Really? Must watch it, along with the one about Santa Claus and the Martians. Do they turn into elves at the end?
    Have you seen The Golden Compass? No problems with motifs, acting or cinematography, just a very awkward transposition of the stunning ideas from the book to screen, in contrast cf. the Peter Jackson trilogy. Amidst the background of a predictable outcome, the scene transitions jerk around and through the plot development, and despite the cast, most exchanges of dialogue come off as rather wooden.
    It was an exercise in the management of self-torture to view the entire one hour fifty minutes of Nekrotronic on FTA. And, spoiler alert for any seeking palliative relief: this film will not cure headaches! 😛