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    On the rainy day watchlist, a handy thing to have in case of the regular watchlist going all sparse of a sudden, unlikely right now as the favourite FTA channel is offering plenty of “new” content. Like this one, Don’t Look Now with Donald Sutherland. The stories by Daphne Du Maurier were very trendy back in the day, this one even gets a mention with the “Daphne Du Maurier midget” in Absolutely Fabulous mentioned in this fine article.
    Getting 0% on Rotten Tomatoes is reserved only for a select few of movies, including the FTA re-occurrence last night of Death Wish V: The Face of Death. The agonisingly loud and gruesome ends of the villains not being enough to sway the critics, the director who “attempted to insert humor and black comedy elements” gets another gong as there were none to be had.
    The Nutcracker in 3D might provide visuals to the CD, with a bonus one in a million chance that at least one of the scenes in the movie will synchronise with the appropriate subject matter on the CD. And the additional bonus prize of identifying at least one redeeming feature of the movie to lift it off 0%. Good luck with that! 😛