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Bob Marley

    Been a big fan of the site for years. It’s a great way to keep track of some of the more obscure films that I like 😀

    I only watched the first six episodes or so of La Brea before I gave up on it. Too much just didn’t make sense! For example, the ambulance landed miles away from the portal (how, they never explained) and was still in working order!

    Zombieland was great! Great satire, too, regarding zombie flicks and they even make fun of the infinite ammo trope 😛

    Forgot about I know what you did last Summer. Need to fix that!

    Speaking of British shows, I need to watch Benny Hill again. That was fun! In fact, there are lots of British shows I need to watch. 😛

    The science fiction shows they produce are always fabulous, as well. Canada also has a good selection of science fiction. 🙂

    Watched A Christmas Story the other day and it was okay but not exactly my cup of tea. Found it a bit slow moving