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    Not off the top, there’s a list of movie candidates at this forum, and here’s a bonus horror gag, try and coax ChatGPT et al to come up with a close match!
    At present streaming Vienna Blood, had the impression it was released earlier than it was, very watchable, nothing in it (especially the wishy-washy, yet all too soapy sponging of the protagonists’ internal dramatics) to bowl the critics over, unfortunately.
    Although La Brea got a good panning, there’s something about the threat/soap/hardcore aspect of the delivery that makes for good background noise. The application of “sc-fi” to the genre of the show won’t stick anywhere, except down the tube. 😛
    Oh, and watched Zombieland through dinner tonight, thus not enjoying it quite as much as one should. 😛
    Oh, and on FTA there was I Know What You Did Last Summer, engineered specifically and obviously for a setting up a franchise, so a bit formulaic. It so much wanted to be different than previous Slashers, too, so the plot suffers a little – yet holds a nice brew of shocks and surprises that are not conducive to excess froth at the mo’.