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Bob Marley

    Yeah, it’s weird. Slashers usually have a superficial plot but this one was much better than any I’ve seen in that regard. I also find it interesting that they condemned the reason for the killings as thin.

    On a related note, I have an old memory of my childhood of a story of a serial killer who used to keep his victims’ heads in jars because a voice told him to. Does that ring a bell at all? I can’t recall if it was a book, film, actual event, old wives’ tale, or just a disturbing dream

    Yeah, we’re seeing something similar here. While the national owners of the network plan out reruns at certain times, the local affiliates are doing infomercials instead for those optional blocks so there’s often only twelve hours of actual programming now starting at noon and ending after the late shows around midnight. I miss catching the early morning reruns on weekends 🙁

    I do like OTA as it means I don’t need to figure out what I’m in the mood for. I wish streaming services would add a random feature. I’ve been wanting one for years!