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    Enjoyed those, the American accents give the characters a new dimension, don’t think the other recreations were quite as good.
    Weird that the reviews are that mixed, one mentioning a clunky plot – go fig! And the “not to be confused with” redirect Psyco Ripper the wrestler, the original Psicosis was born later, and very popular in US wrestling shows back in the day.
    Not many old movies on replay free to air these days, however they are playing some of the original Law & Order shows. The original and best, the pithy plots and witty dialogues tower over the productions in the the other L & O spinoffs, cementing it in as an all time classic of that genre.
    The FTA channels over here have to be taken over by the streaming services, as it looks more and more as if they are set for transitioning to become 24/7 shopping channels, all ~20 of them. Someone help us please. 😛