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    Shame came across as a little too disjointed, off-piste even, there was something missing in the character profile of the protagonist for it to work. But then again, as he is described by the other players as a bit of a weirdo, there’s the B-grade license immediately handed on a platter to the director. A fine film, if given a few extra edit passes. Exactly what content to snip and tweak were far beyond the capabilities of this unseasoned non-professional. 😛
    Saw Poltergeist (from memory again for the third time), great to watch. What didn’t work was how or why the demonic “beast” which captured Carol Anne did not have anything to do with the restless bodies from the cemetery, at the end. Two seemingly unrelated supernatural phenomena, … or were they after all?
    Of course, not only was the mirror flesh peeling face scene classic, it describes very well how I start up certain mornings. 😛