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    The buzzing from the sound chip is more related to a DPC latency thing, happens after playing something in a browser tab, and then switching out to another tab or application.
    Because it happens only rarely, updating the driver may or may not necessarily be the fix. otherwise it’s turning off the AMD devices and disabling hardware acceleration.

    Oh, those messages are emitted during the running of the hibernation wakeup script, which gives more credo to the arguments of the anithibernationists. 🙂
    As a matter of interest, it does take a rather long time for Windows to sort out network issues after the PC has been switched off for months, and strangely, the effects of any human involvement don’t amount to much. Edit: Apart from putting the issue out to hang. 😛

    Edit: Hmmm, the Realtek audio driver in the Windows Catalog is is an older version (6.0.9238.1) to the above, but the zip file ( must have come from somewhere like the ASUS ROGues.
    Funny, the Windows Catalog has a newer version which hasn’t been included in WU yet, and an even newer one at ROGue’s, which links on to the protected content at My Digital Life. 😛

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