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Bob Marley

    Yep, that’s the one!

    Went to watch it yesterday but, sadly, it’s behind a paywall. I had seen an article saying it’d be free for the season so I’ll check the information again. It’s possible I tried to watch it too early. I miss it being on OTA. 🙁

    We watched Rain Man in my psych class and would pause it every so often to go over the events in the film. It worked pretty well! 🙂

    Christopher Plummer’s usually pretty good, especially his older stuff. Will check it out!

    Yep, saw it earlier this year! You didn’t miss a whole lot. 😛 Gorgeous scenery beset by a dull and senseless plot without any sort of information to help immerse you in the film. No real background or anything. If they had added on ten more minutes of set up, it would have been quite fun!

    Saw the Friday the 13th reboot yesterday and it wasn’t anything to write home about. Not only did they shoehorn a missing persons plot in it which distracted from the basic premise of the series, they also changed Jason’s nature and relied a lot more on sex than the previous films.

    I need to check out some of the horror-specific streaming services at some point. There may be one that catches the eye 🙂

    Also rewatched the Nightmare Before Christmas the other day. That one’s always fun! May watch Coraline again soon 🙂