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Bob Marley

    Last time I tried it, it spit out an error on starting up. Granted, that was the previous system where Windows has gotten messed up for various reasons after trying out the preview updates. Now that I have a working system, I really should give it another go. I’m sure things will work a whole lot better.

    I also have The 7th Guest sitting around. I have no idea at all where it came from. I found it in my dad’s office several years ago and he has no recollection either. Wasn’t something I ever got and I had never seen it before and he doesn’t play games other than solitaire and mahjong. It’s a complete mystery!

    I’m generally okay with that as I do sometimes play the full game if I like the trial period. Of course, a lot of times it’s too limited so you don’t get a good feel for things. I’d rather have something like a thirty day trial of the full game than an unlimited trial with limited features. Would be much better that way to see if I like it enough to pony up the money. These days, I think it’s mostly that I have trouble connecting with folks in the games but I’m not sure. I may just have to keep looking until I find the right one.

    Yep! Also works for Chrome 🙂