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Bob Marley

    From my understanding, beef is the meat so calling it beef-tail would imply that your steak has a tail coming out of it. 😛

    Sounds delicious!

    Yep, got it! The ingredients and equipment discussion are actually in the back right before the index. And after the technical discussion about how everything interacts. Weird placement! After the forward, it has twenty pages or so of pictures of selected cakes in the book and then dives right in with the recipes after a few pages of basic tips on how to work with the various cake types. Looking forward to trying them out! Need to pick up some ingredients, though. I haven’t made a cake since the ingredient shortages started a couple years ago. I had switched to more economical goods like muffins and the like so I could stretch them further.

    Here you go! Or a bread mummy! But bread’s mummy is really wheat and yeast. Which one is dad? It’s a good question!

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