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Bob Marley

    I do like having discs around. They’re quite handy! I used to take a laptop on school trips (along with a few discs, of course) so that I could watch films with my friends in the hotel rooms. We’d also watch them on the bus. Can’t do that with streaming!

    Yep. Started watching Scream the other day after finishing the Friday the 13th series and the Scream films are a blast! They’re mostly slasher films with comedy mixed in. They poke fun at slasher film tropes and even include some pop culture references here and there. For instance, Craven shows up as a janitor dressed as Freddy. 😛

    Well, we do have KFC vending machines 😀

    And, whoops, I copied the Farm of Tomorrow twice! Meant to have the House of Tomorrow in there!

    Might be some fun ideas in there that we could borrow!

    Tex Avery cartoons were some of the best. I loved his off the wall humor. He got canned from WB after displaying Bugs falling off a cliff, though. 🙁