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    Yes, could be intentional as well – if only recollections of the previous gameplay 10 years back could shed light on similar! Right now, half a day on, the courtesan and her (conversationable) companion have disappeared from the area. As a matter of interest, it’s not immediately obvious if such movements and dialog of unnamed NPCs are moddable – or even trackable at all.
    Haven’t got Linux installed yet, never was a question of if, but when! 🙂

    Few more random gleanings:

    • Another pitfall in running mods or patches on a DVD installation is the read only permissions on the root Baldur’s Gate folder set by the installer. If left untouched, there’s always the suspicion some mod installs will report a successful write or patch when actually nothing has happened.
    • There exists a remnant log of an attempted BGT setup back in 2012, SETUP-BGT.DEBUG, the failure was because:

      Throne of Bhaal is required to install this modification.

      Weird, have the 4 CD set – maybe they wanted a full install to disk instead.

    • Bioware also kind of messed up their versioning in the 1.3.5512 official patch. The BGMain and BGMain2 executables are replaced with files in the patch with version numbers The launcher, Balder.exe has a version of, and the readme it links to shows a version of 1.3.5508!
    • An option to provide a full stack dump in Baldur.ini exists, Debug Dump=1, might have been an issue back in the day when upon accidentally hitting the dump hotkey, finding the system in hard labour from the flush of activity from the disk drive.
    • Inserting the following line in baldur.ini made no detectable visual change in-game:

      OpenGL VERSION=-1

      The setting is seen in a different form (and values 0 and 1) in some more recent LUA EE configs, not sure if the original game used it, OpenGL was version 1 at the time.

    • Console commands are discussed at length in Chapter 11 at Pocketplane’s Volothamp’s Comeuppance:
      A more concise list lives at the IESDP appendices.
    • Ooh, and the IESDP itself is whopping large, providing support for all the great Infinity games.