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    Further random blatherings prompted by investigations from no dialogue from the courtesan in the NW section of East Baldur’s Gate. It turns out her message was the single utterance of a carriage return!

    1. After a lengthy and somewhat painful Google-ude (Google interlude), found that Debug Mode=1 doesn’t work for console access in this game edition, rather:

      [Game Options]

    2. The baldur.lua file popular with the EE is non-existent on this install, as is the existence of any My Documents\Baldur's Gate folder and the lesser known similarly named subdirectory which may show up in AppData\Local\VirtualStore.
    3. There’s quite a variety of ini settings, many are explained as at Beamdog or Reddit, not yet found a meaning for:

      Memory Level=1

      Know that Memory Access=100 sets the blood & gore to that level. 😛

    4. For EE, Github hosts an ini config app for Infinity engine here and here, no mention of the base game, so use at own risk.
    5. The save file editor parses the contents well enough, haven’t tested it by writing yet.
    6. One option for improved rendering in the game is the WineD3D patch, upside: nice program, downside: extra files.
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