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Bob Marley

    Yep, it’s been dubbed! I always try to watch dubs as I have issues with reading subtitles and following along with what’s going on onscreen at the same time 🙂

    Been meaning to watch The Descent since it came across my radar a few years ago. Saw it mentioned somewhere in passing and I thought it looked intriguing but it was pushed to the back of my mind until recently.

    And to think, over here, 12 – 20 episodes per season is the norm! British seasons are half our length! Never did understand that. 😛 Granted, British shows are often of higher quality than ours. Ours are a lot more pulpy 😛

    Watched Friday the 13th The other day and that was enjoyable. Wasn’t a big fan of the bobbing camera they used to hide the killer, though. Found it a bit disorienting. Also have Child’s Play on the list, which should be fun!