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    Very interesting! Are the English DBZK episodes dubbed or subtitled – info not often easy to get via Googling or even on Wikipedia.
    The Descent is rather depressing, saying that is actually a spoiler if you intend to watch it, so belated spoiler alert!
    Streaming Noughts + Crosses at the moment – nicely put together and presented with a nicely paced plot, you won’t be bowled over by the superfluity of incisive dialogue though.
    Started to really getting into The Control Room, when it ended all of a sudden after three episodes. Funny these days how we are all getting acclimatised to 6 or more episodes in a said series. 😛
    Oh, the dialogue in Boiling Point is very much in the idiom of the theatre of the stage, and therefore quite something else, even if I didn’t quite get all of it. Blame the lack of subtitles, my hearing, sound recording, restaurant hubbub, and the poor acoustics – after all, it was a real restaurant. Recommended.

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