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Bob Marley

    It’s a wonderful film!

    I think part of the issue is that it’s a bit hard to get creative with war films these days. Granted, they can still be good (Das Boot comes to mind) but I think the general public has grown weary of the genre as of late, especially with all the global conflicts in the last decade. Speaking of Das Boot, I really need to watch it in full one day.

    Body Double looks interesting, will definitely add it to the list. I’ve heard of some of his other films (and even seen a couple) but Body Double isn’t that appeared on the radar. 🙂

    Yay! On an unrelated note, we need another world’s fair. The image reminds me of the towers from the one in New York, which brought it to mind 😛

    Been watching Dragon Ball Z Kai to pick up where I left off from the regular version of DBZ back in 2010. Probably should have stuck with the original. Kai streamlined the series by cutting out a lot of so called filler but I liked the filler! Many of the episodes they removed were character building episodes that didn’t have much bearing on the overall plot but gave you a better look at the characters’ personalities. 🙁