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Bob Marley

    So Mewtwo is hard! I’ve only found two Pokemon that are actually able to survive a battle with it: Spiritomb and Mew. The latter was released just for the event and has some special properties to let it handle Mewtwo while the former is Dark/Ghost so is immune to almost all of Mewtwo’s moves save for Ice Beam, which doesn’t do a whole lot of damage even on a level 50 Spiritomb (I am wondering what’ll happen if I level it up to 100. That may be just the ticket). So far, I haven’t won yet but I have bumped Mew up to 100, taught it Swords Dance, X-Scissor (it has 15 PP and 80 attack so it’s a good option), Leech Life (recovery with 80 attack and 10 PP), and struggle bug (50 attack and 20 PP) to get Mew to terra so I can use the other moves to maximum effect. I use the last one first so I don’t run out of available moves during the long battle. Once I’ve terraed, I use Swords Dance three times to max out Mew’s attack and then hit it with the other two. It works pretty well but I still haven’t been able to win yet. I think it’s only a matter of time, though!

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