Johnston, John

Birth Name Johnston, John
Gender male



Protestant Irishman, member of Irish Protestant political group who fled to England during the Catholic-Protestant riots.
He worked as a Manager & Purchaser for large Briggs store.
His brother bred horses on a large farm at Merrywinebone in the north of New South Wales. The horses were sold to large organizations such as the British arm in India and the NSW police.
His niece, Marion (d. 1969) emigrated from ireland in order to help May before she died. She then married a Jim Speers (d. 1967) who owned a large sheep & cattle farm "Kaloombie" near Gunnedah.
Jim & Marion had a son, Russell who married the daughter of a Gunnedah dentist and had two children. Jim & Marion also had a daughter, who worked as secretary to the manager at (Borthwick??) Meat Works in Gunnedah since 1965. The Gunnedah abattoir closed in 1997.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Death 1956   Asthma related  


Family of Johnston, John and Stearn, May

Married Wife Stearn, May ( * 1882 + 1943 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Residence   Brigg    


Date Street Locality City State/ Province County Postal Code Country Phone Sources
    Brigg   Lincolnshire     England    


    1. Johnston, John
      1. Stearn, May