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Bob Marley

    Good to know! Mine is a Creative SoundBlaster brand, I believe. Not entirely sure of the exact model, though. I haven’t really messed with it since 2010. It used to belong to my dad… 😛

    Haven’t experienced issues with VR yet! There was another driver update released the other day, though, so I may install it. Since VR is a newish thing, it’s probably a good idea to stay on top of the driver updates 🙂

    It booted okay today so not really sure why it was taking a minute or two to sort out the line for a couple of days. /shrug

    Probably going to need to reach out on the Linux forums about the audio. A cursory look at the docs didn’t give me an idea on if the jacks can be remapped from input to output on Linux like they can on Windows.

    Haven’t tried hooking up another monitor yet. Want to try and get the kinks out of things before I do too much. 🙂

    Sounds good. Will be watching for the thread! 🙂