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Bob Marley

    Will probably need to remap the audio jacks as well. No idea how to do that so some reading is required!

    Seems rather contentious! Just installed Synaptic here and it’ll definitely serve my purposes of searching out packages for install. 🙂

    I do have one in the closet from fifteen years ago. It’s an old X-Fi. I may dig it out and see if it still works at some point

    So after hooking up the VR headset and having it unplugged at bootup, the video card is getting confused about which video output to use even though the monitor is the only one hooked in to the card. Takes a minute or so for it to figure it out and then it works right. Rather minor problem but I may take a look in the UEFI and see if there’s a way to correct things in there but I suspect it’s something in the card’s firmware and would need to be fixed by a card revision

    Anything else I should consider doing? Been a long time since I had to set up a system 🙂

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