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Bob Marley


    Currently using Firefox but I’ve got Chrome downloaded. I’ll probably get it installed soon as I greatly prefer it 🙂

    Bit funny about security so I’ll post it in our private thread 🙂

    I wouldn’t exactly say they’re easy to work with but they’re getting better! Having a log-viewer definitely helps as the CLI tools can be a bit cumbersome with looking at the logs

    Yeah, I really should get a UPS. Will add it to the list!

    The VR base stations do make a noticeable humming noise but I wouldn’t call it obnoxious or anything 🙂

    Definitely not a fan of the Pop Store. It has a limited view that, while sleek, doesn’t give you enough information. For instance, it doesn’t always tell you the last update to the package or if it’s a Flatpack or not. Not a fan of Flatpack installs as it adds some dependency issues that the regular package managers take care of so things aren’t as neat and tidy with Flatpack. May try out Synaptic. I like having both a GUI package manager and a CLI one for different use cases. I like to use the graphical one to find software, the CLI one to install to help me monitor things so that I can better take care of issues if they arise

    Eureka! Windows audio has been resolved! Okay, you need to install the audio drivers from Gigabyte as well. Windows doesn’t source them automatically and I wasn’t able to find them on the Realtek website. Connecting is a bit finicky: you need to remap the jacks in the Realtek Audio Console to speaker output jacks. It does mean you lose line in and mic jacks, though, and the Mira doesn’t have front jacks so with this configuration you’ll definitely need a sound card if you want analog line-in and mic-in. The other option is to go USB for the line-in and mic-in.

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