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Bob Marley

    Some sites set it up so Gravatar is the default but I don’t know if that automatically sets up an account or not

    Cool! Yeah, I remember using V1 for Dwarf Fortress back then. Was quite useful to set up the generic layouts! Will keep an eye on it! Having V2 support would be nice even if I don’t use it much these days myself 🙂

    Speaking of Dwarf Fortress, I really should play it again! It’s a blast!

    Probably wouldn’t hurt to drop them a line 🙂

    Looking for a circuit designer to help get going on some of my project planning and I’ve been looking at the list here and in the following section (really don’t know the difference between the two categories). Any suggestions as to which one to give a whirl to? There are so many! Looks like a lot of them have fancy visuals and things when I really only need (at least, I think I do) the basics for diagraming and value calculation (could do it manually but it takes a while 😛 ).