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Bob Marley

    systemd-boot doesn’t have any customization options, sadly. It just provides a list of bootable options. I’d love to have a graphical representation for the boot menu even if it’s just seen for a few seconds. I like a little eye candy!

    Fixing it wasn’t really much of an issue in my case, likely due to installing Windows on a separate drive (couldn’t remove the drive as it mounts behind the video card so I would have had to remove that as well). All I needed to do was basically just reinstall the bootloader from Pop after manually booting back into Pop OS from the UEFI. Providing the exact steps may be helpful as the steps in the link weren’t all necessary. Will do so! 🙂

    They use a separate daughter board to connect the fans and IO cables for neatness and to help make accessing everything easier. The power button is neat! It uses a pin connector similar to ancient game cartridges to allow you to open up the front and sides of the case without having to fiddle with things very much 🙂

    It has both onboard sound and a couple of PCI slots that I could install a sound card into, I just haven’t gotten around to plugging the cables in yet even though it’ll take five minutes. 😛

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