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Bob Marley

    Installing Windows was rather complicated but it’s done. If anyone reads this and needs help: for System76 Thelio machines, you must choose the ISO option from Microsoft and not the MCT. The latter won’t been seen by motherboard. After you get the ISO, you need to create it using something like Rufus so it can install a dummy bootloader to it to be recognized. Took me half an hour to figure out. The guide from System76 does say to use the ISO but doesn’t say not to use the MCT so I thought it was more a matter of preference.

    Additionally, you need to grab the full version of the AMD GPU driver from AMD’s website. For some reason, the minimal download version isn’t properly set as an executable so W11 won’t be able to run it even though it’s the W11 download on the AMD site.

    Also, the wireless drivers aren’t automatically installed by Windows Update for an AMD board so you must use an ethernet cable initially. Once installed, go the motherboard manufacturer’s website (Gigabyte in my case) and grab them from the support page for your board.

    Next, you need to install the fan board drivers from the link above if you don’t plug the fans directly into the motherboard. This process is relatively painless, it just takes a while for all the components to install as it checks compatibility for each package. I highly recommend doing this step right after the initial Windows Update and before the video drivers are installed to help quiet things down.

    Finally, you need to repair the bootloader. Depending on the situation, this may require a live CD or USB device. In my case, I didn’t need one and could select Pop from the UEFI manually. Afterwards, you’ll probably want to set up a boot prompt so hold space while booting after the UEFI menu and then hit + for your decision time in seconds.

    I haven’t plugged up the speakers yet so I may need to also install the audio drivers from Gigabyte but we’ll see

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