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Bob Marley

    Yeah, I may need to ask them on their forums if I decide I don’t like Pop OS

    Nice list! Will keep it handy!

    Yeah, if it weren’t for the poor VR support, I’d probably try forgoing Windows entirely. I also may need to install the drivers for the fan controller.

    Hopefully *nix VR support will reach feature parity with Windows soon!

    We definitely need to get something cooking! On that note, we’ll probably want an ideas thread at some point 🙂

    It’s got two 1 TB NVM drives. I plan on putting Windows on one and *nix on the other so that should help. I don’t use a whole lot of space, generally, so hopefully that will be enough. Sounds good, will look into the health reports 🙂

    I always try to turn off autosaving with applications and games partly to reduce wear and tear on the drive but coding has a lot of writes due to the nature of it so splitting up the use of the drives should help somewhat 🙂