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    An operating system can provide “support” for any hardware, whether it works under the OEM driver is up in the air. As of last year, AMD don’t have any support at all for FreeBSD, looks a bit better for OpenBSD.
    Yes, there’s quite a bit to choose from in code editors, one that also has language support, debugging, and auto-suggest.
    Okay then, VR it is, and Windows 11 on the fun drive, thus a not so fun milestone is a VS installation? There hasn’t much doing with VS2019 over here for more than a year, so definitely not a front burner. 😛
    Yeah, tell-tale signs are long read/writes, sluggish system, and BSODS. The mfg usually offer tools that gauge SSD fit for purpose, you could schedule those to run every quarter, for example. The good news (according to a quick Google) is, the bigger the SSDs, the longer they last, and the less they are used (fewer write cycles), the longer they last. Make from that what you will. 🙂