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    You know, this PC is itself a relic. Turned it on and got a Disk Read Error, Ctrl-Alt-Del to reboot, which didn’t work. Then tried later, and it’s as if nothing bad happened.
    So, for the Seagate drive, downloaded the legacy SeaTools, because, you know, everything here is kind of legacy now. But there you go, the program wouldn’t initialise because it couldn’t get past the “USB: Scanning for supported drives”. Silly bods included an exe.config xml file with SHOW_USB as True, flipping it to False in an editor would never make the compiled exe change its evil ways unfortunately. 😛
    So, ran SeaTools ver 5, hey, this is so much better. Ran a quick test, with a pass. Might run the extended tests, however the feeling is it’s more like a component of the controller not getting enough power on cold start. There’s no test for that in SeaTools as such – looks like the tech isn’t here yet.