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Bob Marley

    Nope, not region locked! Will check it out!

    It’s really good, much better than the the previous game. They even filled some plot holes that they created, such as why the Rito and Zora exist together when the former evolved from the latter.

    I was working on getting some chests I missed yesterday in the starter area but wound up falling after grabbing them to the wrong part of the map. I could have fast traveled back but meh. I wound up landing close to a village so I’ll just go ahead and spend the hour or so trekking to it so I can unlock it before I go back to the first dungeon. 😛

    Unlike the first game, a lot of things don’t unlock unless you do at least one dungeon first. Was working on that before I took a break to grab the chests after being launched into the sky. I have a hard time landing where I want during the launches and often wind up a region away 😛

    Yeah, Nintendo mostly just develops for their own systems outside of a few mobile games. It would be nice on the computer but I can understand their reasoning.