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Bob Marley

    Yeah, I really wish Microsoft wasn’t so hostile towards other operating systems. Running multiple versions of Windows isn’t exactly a very common scenario! 😛

    It does sort of follow what I’m reading in most places, that BCDBoot should be able to just fix things. Going to need to get my courage up: brain surgery is always a difficult business. 😛

    DOS 4.0 was just somewhat open sourced, meant to post it in Software but got distracted. 😛

    There’s also FreeDOS, which I’m sure is useful to some extent.

    Could run Windows in a VM but I’m pretty sure that would only give access to the VM’s sublayer. That and I never did get the hang of using a VM. 😛

    Once things are stabilized, I can go back and finish setting Linux up again and then doing other things to it, such as theming and installing other packages. Don’t want to do too much right now in case I need to reinstall yet again 🙂

    I did look at the possibility of switching bootloaders to either GRUB or rEFInd but it looks like the PopOS maintenance tools are hard coded to expect systemd-boot and things break during an OS upgrade. Not that I’ll be in the bootloader much

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    • This reply was modified 3 weeks, 5 days ago by Bob Marley.