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Bob Marley

    I can access the underlying system using chroot from the Live USB. I did take a look at the config files and backed up some of them but not all. Grabbed .config but not .local, probably should go back and do that maybe…

    We’re all just space dust, after all!

    Got a couple of Airmega 1512s and they’re quite nice. Probably need a larger one for the living room, though. 🙂

    They did experiment with cloud connected Furbies so the fears weren’t unwarranted, just a little bit ahead of schedule 😛

    Yep, both of those are quite handy. Be careful with the external dock, though. They make it much easier to accidentally bump the drive and kill it since the drive isn’t held in place as well as it would otherwise be. Killed a couple by accidentally bumping them with my elbow 🙁

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