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    The old Skyrim unit came back from the repairer still with the beeps on boot up. Changed leads, connections, no improvement, so returned it to the repairer where it booted up beautifully. We agreed there was something amiss with the power back at the ranch, the first suspect off the rank being the (not so) old batteries in the UPS.
    On the Ob machine, there’s still this weird copout from the UPS driver after an update some years ago. Had been in contact with Eaton support with no resolution, so hoisted the reticent bugbear up on Superuser, and linked it to an update on the original ticket.
    Since PnP sees the device and reports it to the system with ID info such as the serial number, there’s little likelihood of anything obviously wrong with the UPS itself, so if not the driver, what?
    This will want a resolution before committing to the purchase of batteries for either unit, should imagine the only one who would know is the author of the device driver (2009), else it’s installing the VS driver utils followed by decompilation and testing. 🙂
    Oh, and you know you have a relic attached to your keyboard when the New Journey notice arrives. 😛