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Bob Marley

    Meant that the keyboard cycles on and off during POST. Will add that to the ticket at some point. Unrelated to the bootloader but still a relevant piece of information

    It’s slow going between my schedule and them being in a different time zone, along with me having trouble communicating what’s occuring on my end (the frustration is partly why I prefer to struggle through these things on my own but this one is beyond me right now (probably partly because I’ve been out of action for a while)).

    Hopefully I won’t need to reinstall. I always find it annoying to reconfigure everything.

    Yeah, no sense in adding an add-in card that you don’t necessarily need. Bit surprised the motherboard doesn’t have Wi-Fi built-in as that’s been a common feature for several years.

    Adding a sound card is something I may do at some point on account of the on-board sound here using remapping and the jack mapping isn’t fully supported by Linux, as I think I mentioned in an earlier post. Granted, it remains to be seen whether I bother to take the plunge. 😛

    Yeah, my discs have been sitting on the shelf for years without use. Not gathering dust, though, since the shelf has doors but still on a shelf. 🙁

    I probably need to clean the discs I have in the open. They’re pretty dusty. I hate dust. It even gets in bags that I wrap with bags to keep the dust out! Hence the air purifiers. 😛

    They did try tossing Bender in an asylum (the HAL Institute) a few times but it never did work out well. Except when it gave us Bender’s Game. Of course, being roommates with Marvin wouldn’t be fun. But other roommates could be! MCP could be a blast. He’d definitely keep the games rolling! Speaking of, I’m in the mood for a Furby. Never had one…What were we discussing again…?

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