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Bob Marley

    I think the firmware upgrade also did something with the loading of devices. I notice that the keyboard cycles now during the UEFI loading, which it didn’t before. May not matter in the long run, though. Assuming I can still get to the UEFI menu when needed, I’m okay with device loading being a bit finicky during initialization.

    I couldn’t say how institutional computers feel these days. Last time I had to mess with them was about seven years back. 😛 They used to feel pretty solid!

    Most off the shelf systems have a spare PCI slot that you may be able to use for the sound card, assuming it’s the right size. It’s generally assumed that the customers will use it for USB or network expansion but I’ve always used external hubs for that. 🙂

    Yuck, that’s how Nvidia’s forums look these days…? I can’t even navigate them!

    Oh, Windows now shortens the account names for the folders. Don’t know a way around it, it seems to be an inherent character limit where it truncates the rest.