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    Fair enough, there’s definitely a sense they have a good track record on tickets so far, something of this nature should not pose too much of an obstacle for their illustrious techos. 🙂
    The most off-putting stage of the W11 installation through Update Assistant was during the 80% – 99% stage, when W10 had expired and greyed out the pause button on W10 “important” updates, insisting these downloads be given top priority even while W11 is installing. What’s even worse, Googling something like “pause W10 updates during W11 installation” always returned hits on how to prevent W11 installing on W10 instead.
    Although the HP is nice and compact, the physical components have a touch, look and feel as somewhat “tinny”, – if that could ever be construed as a justifiable description of an office PC as we know them these days, and that’s from someone who is used to well moulded stylish and attractive looking gaming towers. 😛
    As the sound from the chip is … a little tinny, it would be lovely to transfer the SBZ cards over, think they use the same type of NVMe slots. A smaller sized card is is the paranoid’s preference for better air circulation.
    Oh yes, the alternate sound source selected by W11 was actually vs248, which is the id of the connected monitor. Last time the monitor was checked no sound device was present. Can’t recall exactly where NVIDIA was spotted, there is however, a rather interesting “necro” explanation for it over at NVIDIA. 🙂
    One annoyance, if you can call it, was W11 naming the user folder as “lmste” instead of the whole userid name as a result of the account transferral operation. Could have left it of course, but knowing me, it won’t sit well on this desktop for long. So had to go through the rather involved method of creating another user and copying everything over. There happened to be file move errors, which meant that any customizations in the source user were lost. Strike while the gripe is right and chasten the quivering interface, a time consuming chore which should/would/could be automated by now. 😛